ASL 2 – Unit 3 This is a lesson plan, which is to be used by the instructor. It includes all of the information that an instructor will need to teach this specific lesson. It can also be given to a substitute instructor, to help them meet the goals of the instructor.
ASL 1 – Click Here To See Full Syllabus This is a syllabus for a first-year or beginning ASL course. It outlines course outcomes, as well as assignments, expectations, and schedule. This course will use Signing Naturally Units 1-6.
ASL 4 – Rubric for Expressive Test A sample assessment tool for expressive skills in American Sign Language Second-Year Level (First and Second Part or ASL 3 & 4). Assessment type: rubric, achievement, formal, criterion-referenced, and summative. Students will sign based on a topic what they have learned in class.